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Service Rates

Comprehensive Evaluation

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

(75 min)


Psychopharmacology Visit

Laboratory, Clinical Progress, & Treatment Monitoring (30 min)


Psychotherapy & Coaching
(with or without Psychopharmacology)

Individualized Sessions

(45 min)


Who We Treat

At Peak Performance Psychiatry we treat patients and their families ages 16 to 64 years old. We do not prescribe controlled substances or psychedelic medicines and can connect you with a local prescribing partner if indicated in your treatment plan. 

Laboratory Fees

We work with various third party companies to provide lab testing services at locations convenient to you. Please contact us to request information about specific lab costs and result interpretation fees.

Ready to seek help:

Meet with a Provider 

Our team is currently accepting new patients for psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, & coaching services. Reach out below to book your appointment today!

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